Gourmet Coffee at Mercedes-Benz of Tampa

Mercedes-Benz of Tampa is a proud supporter of Kahwa Coffee Roasting Company! Kahwa Coffee opened its doors in 2006, and all roasting is done at a Kahwa production site here in Tampa Bay. Kahwa brings over 15 years of experience in the coffee industry, and an uncompromising passion about great coffee.

Through the support of great companies like Kahwa Coffee Roasting Company  and delivering exceptional service to each customer, Mercedes-Benz of Tampa has been recognized as a multiple Best of the Best Award winner!

Our Artisan Coffee Menu

Kahwa Coffee focuses on blends over single origin coffees in order to bring complex flavors to each cup. We only select 100% Arabica beans of the highest quality from all over the world that are roasted and packaged on demand to guarantee freshness. Kahwa Coffee has delighted guests of Mercedes-Benz of Tampa with a gourmet experience.

  • Sirocco: Drip Coffee Blend - A Medium Dark Roast with a full body. Beans from four different countries are combined to create a balanced blend that has notes of dark cherry and honey with an extremely smooth finish. Minimal acidity. A perfect everyday blend.
  • Boreas:  Light Blend - A Medium roast that has more subtle body than the other blends. Hints of hazelnut and a light quality make this a perfect blend for anyone wanting delicate flavors in a well balanced blend.
  • Zonda: Decaf Blend - A Dark Roast that uses beans decaffeinated naturally without the use of chemicals. This roast brings out notes of dark chocolate-lots of taste without the caffeine.
  • Special Roasts -  We also offer single origin coffees such as Organic Colombian, Fair Trade Rwanda, and Organic Bali Blue Moon. These rotate weekly so there are always different flavors to discover.

Gourmet Coffee Roasted Locally | Support Locally Owned Tampa FL Businesses

Kahwa Coffee is proudly packaged and roasted locally in Tampa Bay, and Mercedes-Benz of Tampa is proud to support local businesses by hosting a Locally owned coffee company within our own dealership. Kawah focuses on creating unique blends of Artisan coffee that are appreciated by both the casual coffee drinker and coffee connoisseurs alike!  Enjoy a delicious Sirocco coffee blend while waiting for your car to be serviced, or sip a relaxing cup of Zonda while browsing our new car inventory!